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Caring for your family is also on top of our priority list. Let our medical social workers offer you a extra support.

caregiver and senior couple talkingMedical Social Workers assess social, emotional, economic factors. They also provide counseling for patient care, which includes long-term planning, decision-making, community resources, and planning/referral.

Medical Social Workers assist during hospital discharge and arrange home health services to ensure continuity of care. They assess social, emotional, and economic factors for long-term planning and decision-making. These professionals also facilitate community resources and provide counseling when needed.

The responsibilities of a medical social worker are to:

  • Provide the needed resources for the family
  • Give advice about the best course action to follow
  • Update the family on the client’s current situation
  • And so much more

Please call our office at +1-877-261-9771 for assistance or complete the service request/referral form.

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